Down East Maine is known for its rugged coastline of granite and volcanic outcroppings and eighteen to twenty foot tides. The ocean is in constant motion, even at "slack tide" the currents create movement and beauty on the surface of the water. Our coast is home to some of our country's most beautiful mammals and birds such as whales, seals and bald eagles. Our weather is extreme, from sea-smoke resting just above the water, to hazy August sun, to the crystal-like splendor of an early morning ice-storm.

 Eastern Maine Images specializes in capturing the unique beauty of Down East Maine, particularly Eastport, the easternmost city in the United States. Eastport is a working waterfront city with a breakwater busy with the seasonal activities of scallop draggers, urchin divers and lobstermen. We are home to a rich architectural history of sea captain's homes, sardine canneries and cultural institutions. My website is here for you to explore, featuring the spectacular beauty of our environment, the festivities and cultural happenings of the area and so much more.

  New featured photos are posted every month so be sure to check back for new images. Purchasing one of my photographs brings a special piece of Down East Maine into your own home. And if one catches your eye, please refer to my Purchase Page for more information. Enjoy the photography !



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