john pierce(non-registered)
i lived in quoddy village for 14 years and always loved your photos in the tides and enjoy your web site of beautiful photos ,,just wanted to say hi and thanks
Lynne Boldt(non-registered)
Memories were made for me last month in this beautiful treasure called Eastport. Thank you for capturing in print what words alone can not. ❤
Susan Lyons(non-registered)
Spectacular photography of the most beautiful place on Earth. Your gallery is stunning. I will hang your photo in a spot in my home where I can always see it and it will bring back all the memories and I have many.
Jamie Bremmer(non-registered)
Great portfolio!
Capt. Winston Shaw Coastal Maine Bald Eagle Project(non-registered)
Lovely bald eagle images! Lovely!
Randy Minard(non-registered)
excellent excellent excellent
Heinz Milenkovic(non-registered)
Consider showing your art to National Geographic, Wildlife Fund,
Photo art galleries NYC, London, L A, Toronto, Vancouver, etc...
DAVE BASSETT(non-registered)
Incredible photos. They bring me back, and also show the beauty of Maine that I had forgotten, or never even knew about.
terry macdonald bryer
I am a new Fan! I grew up in Eastport and I love all your photos. If I cant be there in the physical, I can by viewing your photos. They are breathe taking. What a God given gift!
Kathleen Kennett(non-registered)
It was wonderful to meet you, and see your beautiful shop, while visiting my friends Pat and Chuck in Eastport. On my way back to San Francisco, I visited my sister and she fell in love with the two photos I purchased (the snail on a pussy willow and a boat/seascape) so I gave them both to her. They are framed and have a place of honor in her home. Thank you!
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