I am a self-taught photographer with a passion for wildlife and scenery and generally like to let my photos do the talking for me.


Growing up in Eastport, Maine, I became a proud graduate of Shead Memorial High School and Eastern Maine Community College.  I served in the US Army for three years as a cartographer and lithographer. When I got discharged, I bought my first camera, a Nikon N2000. For a time I worked in southern Maine as a CAD system draftsman, while dabbling in photography as a hobby; I returned home to Washington County about 20 years ago where I worked at Gates Fiber Extrusion and later as a quality control technician at Tex Shield for 13 years prior to the plant shut down. I started selling my photos in 2001 at a local gift shop. At the same time, I started my website, which began to generate a great deal of interest in my photography.


I currently reside in Perry with my wife Kathleen and work full time as a freelance photographer and on assignment for the local newspaper, The Quoddy Tides. Because of my work with the paper, I can often be seen with my Nikon D300 at local events and festivities. The rest of the time I can be found exploring the woods, in a canoe or in a blind hidden away waiting patiently for the image I want to capture. All of my photos are taken with patience, persistence and sometimes a little luck. It is more important for me to connect with my subjects in nature and wait for that magic moment to get a perfect shot than it is to shoot dozens of shots and hope that I get lucky with one. I think that connection with nature and passion for the entire outdoor experience separates my work from other wildlife photographers. I take scenic photos of all seasons, with my most popular photo shot at a temperature of 36 degrees below zero.


To see my work in person, you can visit my shop, Eastern Maine Images, at 52 Water Street in Eastport.